Saturday, April 2, 2011


This months GIVEAWAY CONTEST is a

Kali Mei Tai Baby Carrier from Blue Zoo Baby Boutique

In a Vibrant Red, Yellow, Orange Flaming Dragons Pattern.

The Kali Mei Tai Baby Carrier (also known as an Asian Baby Carrier, ABC or MT, pronounced May Tie), is the perfect carrier for you & your baby from birth through to toddlerhood.

With MANY different carry positions, you're sure to find it comfortable for both you & your little one.

The straps are long enough to accommodate most body types and sizes & will fit anyone with a 26" waist up to 65". Generally speaking these carriers will fit most sizes wonderfully.

Details (all measurements are approx.)

* Shoulder strap padding: 13.5" x 4"

* Shoulder strap measures: 70" x 4"

* Waist strap padding: 3" x 4"

* Waist strap measures: 33" x 4"

All Kali Mei tai baby carriers come with black straps.

Please contact Blue Zoo Baby Boutique for more info.

To enter this contest please visit Blue Zoo Baby Boutique and post below telling us which is your favorite Kali Mei Tai Baby Carrier Pattern.

Contest Closes Thursday April 14th. Winners will be announced Friday April 15, 2011.


Friday, April 1, 2011

March Showers Bring Forth April Flowers????

Or something like that, the stuff just keeps coming!! What I find funny is that we all know that in our part of the world it's known as a Rainforest, yet some of us (ME) are always so shocked when it rains for days and days, sometimes WEEKS on end.

This year we're finally going to harvest some of that glorious liquid gold, a few weeks ago my wonderful husband came home with an enormous white barrel he purchased from a commercial brewery. At first I thought, oh my, when on earth will he have the time to make something he and I rarely ever drink (beer) and then I realized what it was, a rain barrel! Now I can't wait to start my small garden. If my hubby gets his way, it's not going to be small at all, his plans (which tend to grow with each passing month) are to add sweet potatoes, more grape vines, tomatoes and a fig tree or two and of course flowers. They all will be added to this years mini-farm, at least that's what the kids call it, I call it wishful thinking! Last year our peas, beans and cherry tomatoes did really well, but our apple trees...nothing, same for our beautiful peach tree. The year before it was covered in peaches, there were so many, the branches started to bend over from all the weight. I'm hoping this year they will make a come back. I wonder if it had anything to do with trying to use bath water to keep our plants alive? Maybe this year they'll do better with water that hasn't been doused with soap and 5 different types of shampoo. This year I'll save the bath water for the front yard!

So, if you are driving around and see a front door open with a hose sticking out and some one attempting to water their plants and lawn, you'll know it's ours and while you're driving by, please stop and smell our pretty flowers....and don't be surprised if they all smell like baby soap.

Oh I almost forgot to mention that the wonderful rain barrel only cost us $25.00. How I love repurposing!

I really feel the need to apologize for not posting in March, it was one of those months, you know the kind where bad stuff happens in 3's then they double to 6. During the first and second week of March, 3 of my kids got sick. It's not the gross projectile vomiting that gets to me, it's the organization and octopus hands you need. Picture 2 crying kids, 2 sets of soiled sheets and clothing, lots of gooey hair and a very tired husband. The first thought that come to my mind is, how do I clean 2 kids at the same time, change 2 sets of beds and then administer something to bring down fevers, plus (the most important part) console them? Easy, run downstairs and ask grandma to help change beds, while daddy changes our son and I take care of the baby. A bit easier said then done though. Eventually bodies, hair & faces were cleaned, beds were made and medicine was given and our sweet, sick kids fell fast asleep. Thank goodness for grandma's & hubby's! One week later one of their older sisters caught the same bug, can we say... WHAT A MONTH! At least now I don't have to worry about those 3 getting sick any time soon (fingers crossed).

By the end of March we received some really sad news, my great uncle who was close to his 80th birthday, passed away from Leukemia, a few days later our family was notified that my mom's best friend who is also my aunty and in her late 50's as well as my 14 year old cousin were also both diagnosed with the same cancer. In one week this horrible disease has taken the life of a wonderful father, husband, son, brother and uncle and another 2 are fighting for their lives. Both are currently receiving chemo treatments and I ask that you pray for their speedy recovery.

On a good note, members of my family who live in Southern Vancouver Island got together for a wonderful combined birthday party celebration. I can't imagine not living near my mom and brothers and realize how truly lucky we all are to have the opportunity to be within a short drive of each other's homes. Watching all our children play reminded me of when my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings and other family members would gather together at Easter and have one HUGE Easter Egg hunt. Children would be running everywhere gathering up eggs while trying to keep the eggs they had already found from falling out of their homemade baskets, the older kids would eventually start helping out the younger ones all while the adults looked on and laughed.

For us Easter is a time to celebrate births, it reminds us all how truly lucky we are for those we love and hold close to our hearts. During this Easter, please remember to let your family members both near and far know how much they are cherished and thought about. All it takes is a small email or better yet a quick Skype chat (we're slow when it comes to technology and just signed up this past week). Don't let time pass, before it's too late.

Oh and please take time to walk in the rain, because there's nothing like the smell of flowers after a spring shower..... well except for maybe the smell of a sweet baby in your arms.

Speaking of babies, March also kept me busy with designing a few new hats:

The BEAUTIFUL photo's were taken by Rebecca at "Rebecca Joy Studios" in Victoria, BC and BJ at "Fairytales Photography" in Chatham, Ontario.

Thanks Rebecca & BJ!!!

Watch for this months Giveaway Contest coming soon!