Friday, February 18, 2011


Visiting Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, is a must if you ever come to British Columbia. There's so much for the kids to see and do. One of the main attractions is the Beacon Hill Children's Farm, run by some fantastic volunteers. Admission is by donation and proceeds go directly to help care for the animals. I'm not really a big fan of Zoo's, but will endorse this one because I believe the animals are treated well here and it gives school groups an opportunity to learn about various animals. The main feature to this farm is the goat petting area, children have the chance to pet & brush the goats and you may get a glimpse of some new baby goats.

Here is a list of some of the animals you may see at the farm:

African Pygmy Goats
Pot Bellied Pigs
Finch (kept in an estuary)
Guinea Pigs
Miniature Horses
Shetland Sheep
And a few cats if you can spot them.

Here is my son and his new buddy trying to figure out what's going on in the Donkey section, how cute!

This Peacock finally decided to show off it's beautiful tail, the colors are spectacular!

Taking a little break from all the excitement.

First thing every morning during the spring and summer months, you can be part of the 'Goat Run'. The goats are let out of their evening sleeping area and stampede through the farm to the goat pen. If you miss it in the morning you can catch it again at night when they are led back through the farm to their sleeping quarters. Don't forget to bring your video camera, you'll want to catch the younger goats frolic around like little toddlers in a huge playground, maybe that's why they're called kids.

You can watch a video of the Daily Goat Stampede here on their main website:

Don't forget to bring your camera!

Another attraction in this big beautiful park (30 acres) is the Children's Playground. During the summer there is a wonderful underground water fountain that periodically shoots up water for the kids to play in. So be prepared and bring extra clothing, because chances are your kids are going to want to jump in!

Speaking of water there is a new children's area that was rebuilt in 2007 and features this giant sized watering can:

A wide variety of water sprays rain down on surprised onlookers and running children, including mist, a shower like downpour and large squirts into the air from the top of the structure. According to one of the city workers, there is a computer inside that allows random spray patterns to evolve, which in turn increases the play value of the spray park for the users by keeping them guessing where the next blast of water will come from! Maybe you should bring 2 sets of clothing along, 2 for your kids & 2 for yourselves, because some one's bound to get wet.

I could go on and on about the park and all it's attractions, but instead I'll list them here, there sure is alot!

- It boasts the World's Tallest Freestanding Totem Pole (carved by Mungo Martin) just off Dallas Road

- Free 18 Hole Putting Green (bring your own putter and ball)

- Many different Playgrounds, most with swings, Jungle Gym and some have access for Special Needs Children

- Beautiful Walking trails throughout the Park

- Lawn Bowling

- Cricket and Baseball Fields

- Gorgeous view of the ocean from the Look out Point with a trail to Mile 0

- Many, MANY places to sit & have a picnic

- Sit on one of the hundreds of benches and feed the ducks (please purchase duck seed only)

- Watch the Heron's sitting on their nests

Plan to spend the entire day there, pack plenty to drink & eat and don't forget the sunscreen, picnic blanket and your camera. Parking is free and there are a few bathrooms located in the park. I suggest driving around a few times to get your barrings and figure out where you want to go first.

Better yet, catch the Tally Ho Buggy from the inner harbor and view this Gorgeous city in Victorian style!


  1. Hope you can go to Penticton sometime for the Peach Festival this summer. I'm from Calgary but I travel often to Penticton (specially summer) and enjoy the warm beaches and fresh fruit. It's a great place to go with a big family!

  2. Oooh, this brings back fond memories of visiting the petting zoo as a child!
    My sister was petting a goat, and he (or she!) started to eat her shirt!
    It think we still have photos of her surprised expression as the goat nibbled away on her shirt sleeve somewhere.

    My (grown up) favourite thing to do when in Victoria is to have Tea and dessert at Murchies. They have very cute, small portioned desserts just right for a good afternoon tea.
    It's an especially good place to go if you're visiting a University of Victoria student, as they are probably caffiene addicted and would love the chance to be treated to some quality tea and fancy dessert! ;)